Lonegan: Dems Must Disown Murphy's Extremism

Lonegan: Dems Must Disown Murphy's Extremism

Murphy's 'Cesar Chavez Vision' of a Sanctuary State, Higher Taxes, and Forced Consolidation will result in a Millionaire-Free-Zone

Conservative republican Steve Lonegan -- also a candidate for Congress in New Jersey's fifth district -- has called on Democrats running in down-ballot races to disavow Phil Murphy's 'Cesar Chavez vision' to make New Jersey a sanctuary state, raise taxes, and force consolidation of school districts.

"Phil Murphy's extremist vision for New Jersey is a threat to every town, village, and borough in New Jersey," Lonegan said.  "If Murphy gets his way, New Jersey will become a millionaire-free-zone resulting in an economic death spiral for the state."

Sussex Dems Must Disown Murphy's Sanctuary State

Lonegan:  Sussex Dems Must Disown Murphy's "Sanctuary State"

Conservative Steve Lonegan has called on those Democrats running on the ticket with gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy to disown him for saying that he would impose the burden of being a "sanctuary state" on the taxpayers of Sussex County.  Lonegan, a former Bergen County mayor and current Republican candidate for Congress in the 5th District,

Lonegan Leads 3rd Quarter Fundraising

Conservative Republican Steve Lonegan Leads 3rd Quarter Fundraising Among Primary Field
Hackensack, NJ - Steve Lonegan, conservative Republican candidate for New Jersey’s 5th Congressional District, announced today that his first fundraising quarter since announcing his candidacy just 6 weeks ago has been a tremendous success - bringing his campaign war chest to $563,515 cash on hand.
“I announced my campaign for Congress against liberal Josh Gottheimer with a simple message for the people of this district - I will focus on tax cuts, job creation, term limits, and putting an end to liberal democrat policies like sanctuary cities that

Lonegan Pledges Defense of Columbus From Gottheimer Supporters

Lonegan Pledges Defense of Columbus from Gottheimer Supporters
Hackensack, NJ - Republican Congressional candidate Steve Lonegan released a Facebook video pledging his defense of Columbus Day, Christopher Columbus statues, and other signs of America's cultural heritage.
"It's shocking to learn, that on the eve of Columbus Day, radical supporters of my opponent in this campaign -- Democrat congressman liberal Josh Gottheimer -- those are Antifa gang members, so-called social justice warriors, 

Murphy, Gottheimer Must "Take Stand on Menendez"

Republican Congressional candidate Steve Lonegan (NJ-5) demanded that Democrats Phil Murphy and Josh Gottheimer (Congressman, NJ-5) tell voters where they stand on the corruption trial of United States Senator Bob Menendez...

Lonegan Calls Murphy, Democrats "Cowards" on Guns

Hackensack -- 5th District Republican candidate Steve Lonegan called Democrat gubernatorial nominee Phil Murphy a "coward" on gun-control and labeled his party "cowards" for following Murphy.  Lonegan's words were in response...

Steve Lonegan for Congress