A Vote For Lonegan Is A Vote For Israel

The 2018 elections will have a major impact on the President’s pro-Israel stance our race in the 5th and Congressional District comes to a vote for or against that stance, according to an article that appeared in Israel National News and in Newsmax, In this article, Susan Rosenbluth says that the 2018 races for the House will be between the Impeach Trump Party and the Keep Trump in Office Party, and the 5th Congressional District will be important. 

The battle between Josh Gottheimer and Steve Lonegan for the seat could spell the difference between impeachment proceedings (for no other reason but that Democrats haven’t gotten over their 2016 loss) and, on the other hand, continuing to push for the kind of policies and reforms people voted for in 2016 when they elected President Trump.

The real risk, the author notes, is that the impeachment or removal of President Trump could be a disaster for Israel as President Trump is the most pro-Israel President ever. What is more, according to Rosenbluth, Trump is owed gratitude for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and for announcing the embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Regardless of what individual candidates like Gottheimer say, when the vote is critical they must vote the party line, including on impeachment. Even if that fails, and the Democrats decide to resist President Trump’s pro-Israel moves, if Gottheumer’s vote is needed, he will have to give it, regardless of his rhetoric about being a moderate or even a Blue Dog Democrat.

Rosenbluth makes the argument that pro-Israel voters must help Lonegan win the primary and beat Josh Gottheimer.

All of this is true. Our race is of vital importance. On the issue of efforts to impeach the President or supporting Israel, Steve Lonegan has a long track record of solid conservative values. And we need your help and participation to finish this primary strong, to not merely win but win big, and to beat the Democrats in November.

Steve Lonegan shares the President’s values and will also be a staunch supporter of Israel. As a Congressmen, Steve will be supporting the move of the embassy and giving unequivocal support for our ally, Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.

Steve Lonegan is pro Israel 100%, as our campaign has said on the website:

“Israel is a great ally, and United States leadership needs to support this nation with unwavering loyalty. The Obama administration was a miserable failure in its relationship with Israel. This was unacceptable, and Donald Trump has already straightened out this Obama miscue. Congress must generate and implement policies that are favorable to the strength and security of Israel.”

Steve Lonegan for Congress