The Murphy-Gottheimer Tax And Spend Scheme In Higher Education

Once again, when real solutions are needed, Governor Phil Murphy, and his "ally" Gottheimer offer no solutions!

A Vote For Lonegan Is A Vote For Israel

The 2018 elections will have a major impact on the President’s pro-Israel stance our race in the 5th and Congressional District comes to a vote for or against that stance, according to an article that appeared in Israel National News and in Newsmax, In this article, Susan Rosenbluth says that the 2018 races for the House will be between the Impeach Trump Party and the Keep Trump in Office Party, and the 5th Congressional District will be important. 

Steve Lonegan Talks Economic Growth On CNN International

Steve took the airwaves on CNN  today to defend the economic policies that are creating jobs and generating incredible growth.  


Did Hackers Take Down President Trump’s Fake News Awards?

Congressional Candidate Steve Lonegan is demanding that Congress investigate the potential hacking of President Trump’s “Fake News Awards” site which was mostly unavailable in the initial hours after its launch. The page itself was potentially targeted as it alone was repeatedly taken offline or returned a 404 error and yet the main website,, was up.

hacked awards site

Steve Lonegan Supports A Growth Economy

Most Americans are confident about the economy
President Trump is lowering taxes, decreasing regulations, and pushing reforms that will free businesses and taxpayers from unnecessary burdens. Steve Lonegan supports that prosperity agenda, and you should too!  

Equality of Opportunity

Over the weekend, Sen. Rand Paul was asked about recent comments attributed to the President that have sent the media into a frenzied hysteria.

Paul responded by telling the host that years ago, before he was in the Senate and when Donald J. Trump was still a private citizen, Trump helped fund a mission to Haiti during which Dr. Paul performed charitable opthamological care for the people of that destitute country.

It seems that John Wooden's old saying is true: 'The true test of a man's character is what he does when no one is watching.'

Can You Believe This?

Take a look at the email below: Failed Newark mayor and extreme left-wing senator Cory Booker is now working to raise money for liberal congressman Josh Gottheimer.

Gottheimer says he's a moderate and an advocate for tax cuts, but the truth is he is just like Cory Booker -- two far-left peas in a liberal pod obstructing tax cuts, crushing job creation, and opposing President Trump. Every. Single. Chance. They. Get.

Let's Follow Up A Great Year For Conservatives

It was a great year for conservatives in America, and we are going to follow that up with another great year for North Jersey! 

Trump Reverses The Obama Doctrine On Iran

I believe that President Trump’s call to move our embassy to Jerusalem was one of many steps this administration has made that provided these individuals the confidence to protest and demand freedom.



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Steve Lonegan for Congress