Booker to Bring Support for Sanctuary Cities on Saturday

Protest set for Saturday at 12:30 pm in Westwood

Hackensack, NJ -- Conservative Republican Steve Lonegan, the Republican candidate for Congress in the 5th Congressional District, is warning Bergen County residents that their towns could soon become sanctuary cities.

"Its no secret that Phil Murphy has made a promise -- a threat, really -- to make New Jersey a sanctuary state," Lonegan said.  "But now local candidates for the legislature are planning to rally with sanctuary city supporter Sen. Cory Booker right here in Westwood.  We must oppose them and we will on Saturday afternoon."

Lonegan's warning issued to Bergen County residents came in response to news that the Democrat candidates for the state legislature in District 39 will feature sanctuary city supporter Senator Cory Booker at a rally, this Saturday, November 4 at 12:30 pm at 222 Kinderkamack Road in Westwood.

"Sanctuary city liberals are ascendant in the Democrat Party," Lonegan said.  "Their standard bearer for governor is proposing a sanctuary state that would give safe harbor to violent illegal aliens.  Their senator has supported sanctuary cities since his time as Newark mayor even though his own constituents were murdered by illegal aliens.  And now, Democrat candidates for the state legislature in Bergen County are bringing these leaders of the far left to Bergen County."

Lonegan said Bergen County residents already allowed liberal Democrat Congressman Josh Gottheimer to eek out a victory in Congress despite his support for federal funding of sanctuary cities and can't afford to allow more liberal politicians with the same dangerous views to win office as well.

"Booker, Murphy, Gottheimer and every other left-wing politician like the Democrat candidates for the state legislature in District 39 who supports sanctuary cities, must be sent a message: Bergen County residents don't want their towns and boroughs turned into sanctuary cities," Lonegan said.

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