Can You Believe This?

Take a look at the email below: Failed Newark mayor and extreme left-wing senator Cory Booker is now working to raise money for liberal congressman Josh Gottheimer.

Gottheimer says he's a moderate and an advocate for tax cuts, but the truth is he is just like Cory Booker -- two far-left peas in a liberal pod obstructing tax cuts, crushing job creation, and opposing President Trump. Every. Single. Chance. They. Get.

This is the same Cory Booker who Steve ran against in 2013 and who Steve defeated in the 5th congressional district.

But Booker and the far-left haven't learned their lesson. They're all in for Gottheimer because they know he will continue to support the Nancy Pelosi-Chuck Schumer agenda every step of the way.

Steve Lonegan understands the people of North Jersey and Steve will represent the values of the 5th district faithfully -- that's why Steve already won the fifth district against the Democrat Party's greatest rising star -- Cory Booker.

Booker, Gottheimer, and all of their left-wing allies have an agenda that doesn’t represent our values; chip in now to help Steve defeat them again in November!

-Michael D. Byrne
Campaign Manager


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sen. Cory Booker
Subject: we have our work cut out for us
To: NJ-05 Voters

Hi there,

My friend Josh Gottheimer doesn’t shy away from a fight.

Nobody believed he could unseat a seven-term Congressman in 2016, but he went to work, built an amazing grassroots team, and made his case to New Jersey voters. The people of New Jersey’s 5th District -- where I grew up -- rejected the politics of hate and division, and voted for progress and problem solving.

But now, we have our work cut out for us reelecting Josh. And taking back the House is one of Democrats’ biggest opportunities to restore some checks and balances to Washington.

Josh has been an unmatched ally when it comes to fighting for New Jersey families. We both wake up every day and fight to guide New Jersey and our country in the direction of prosperity, security, justice, and inclusion.

Together, we’re leading the fight in Congress to ensure clean drinking water for our kids. We’ve introduced our plan to help schools test for lead in their water supply and replace their pipes, because no parent should have to worry about their child drinking contaminated water at school. That’s the kind of people-first approach Josh takes to his job as a public servant.

Nobody works harder for the people of the 5th district than Josh, but we have to work hard to keep him in Congress.

Join me in supporting Josh by making a grassroots contribution now, before his critical end-of-quarter deadline.

Thanks so much,


Steve Lonegan for Congress