Did Hackers Take Down President Trump’s Fake News Awards?

Congressional Candidate Steve Lonegan is demanding that Congress investigate the potential hacking of President Trump’s “Fake News Awards” site which was mostly unavailable in the initial hours after its launch. The page itself was potentially targeted as it alone was repeatedly taken offline or returned a 404 error and yet the main website, GOP.com, was up.

hacked awards site

Lonegan said, “we need an investigation, we need to know it wasn’t Russian hackers who, I don’t know, might have been working with CNN. This is all speculation, but I find it odd that this happened and it certainly merits as much serious attention as any other suspicions about Russian hacking.”

The GOP stated that they were not prepared for the sheer volume of visitors and were working to increase capacity and, while this may be the real cause, we must take all concerns of any Russian hacking seriously and pursue every avenue of investigation.

“Democrats are concerned about Russians, elections, and our political process”, said Lonegan, “therefore I think they should take the lead to investigate if perhaps this was a result of collusion between the Russians and CNN, who were given 4 of the awards for their fake news coverage, even if, in the end, it is determined that this was just a result of too many visitors at the same time.”

As of 9 AM on January 18, 2018, some 14 hours after the page was launched within the GOP.com website, that specific page continued to be mostly down and showing a 404 error.

The real question is, “does somebody not want the American people to see this?” 


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