ICYMI: NRCC Picks Lonegan in NJ-05

Lonegan named as NRCC's top candidate in New Jersey's Fifth Congressional District

Hackensack, NJ - Conservative Republican Steve Lonegan has been named by the National Republican Congressional Committee as their top candidate in New Jersey's Fifth Congressional District.

"I'm proud to have been chosen for the NRCC's Young Guns program," Lonegan said.  "The Republican Party is unifying around my candidacy because they know my message of lower taxes, job creation, and term limits will win next November."

Officially an NRCC effort for the past four election cycles, the Young Guns program requires candidates hit specific goals throughout the cycle to ensure their campaigns remain competitive, well-funded and communicative within their districts.

In making their announcement, NRCC Chairman Steve Stivers said the selected candidates "are formidable competitors against the liberal agenda of Nancy Pelosi and the left."

The announcement is also an indicator that current Congressman and liberal activist Josh Gottheimer has weak re-election prospects.

"Josh Gottheimer cut his teeth working for Bill and Hillary Clinton, took money from left-wing fanatic George Soros, and has voted for sanctuary cities," Lonegan said.  "His liberal values are completely out-of-step with North Jersey."

Lonegan served as a Mayor for three terms in the Fifth District and maintained Republican control of his Borough Council for 11 out of 12 years.  When he ran for U.S. Senate against Cory Booker in a 2013 special election, Lonegan defeated Booker in the Fifth District.

"The Fifth Congressional District is a fundamentally conservative district," Lonegan said.  "The people of North Jersey support lower taxes, job-creating policies, term limits, deregulation, smaller government, an end to Obamacare, and no funding for sanctuary cities or sanctuary states.  Josh Gottheimer is on the wrong side of every one of these issues and that's why he's going to lose."

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Common-sense conservative Republican Steve Lonegan is a loving father, grandfather, and a successful business owner who will make jobs, term limits, and lower taxes his primary focus as our next congressman. Steve is hardworking, outspoken, and dedicated to you and your family. Steve has a lifelong record of selfless public service. Steve has taken on the tough fights that few others will. Steve and his wife Lorraine (Rossi), who have been longtime parishioners of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Bogota, live in Hackensack and have two adult daughters, Katharine and Brooke.

Steve Lonegan for Congress