Let's Follow Up A Great Year For Conservatives

It was a great year for conservatives in America, and we are going to follow that up with another great year for North Jersey! 

Pictured: President Trump cutting red tape! (White House Photo)

Despite the Democrats and their swamp friends, President Trump has been getting things done and fulfilling a great conservative agenda. Paul Mulshine in his column in TheStar Ledger, called 2017 "the year of the Donald for conservatives."

We have regulations being cut, tax reform, and a growing economy. We need to keep doing this and do more of it.

Once elected, I will continue that record, support President Trump, and the agenda he is fulfilling. 

As I told Paul Mulshine, "the Donald came through for conservatives."

I'm thrilled with what Trump is doing. What he's doing is he's actually putting backbone in the Republican Party. He's delivering on the promises that he used to pump up the conservative base.

And you can quote me on that. Paul Mulshine did.


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