Lonegan: BCRO “Moderates” Have Exposed How Weak They Really Are

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March 2, 2018

Lonegan: BCRO “Moderates” Have Exposed How Weak They Really Are 

BCRO chairman stripping county committee’s right to endorse their candidates

HACKENSACK – In a letter to BCRO members today, Steve Lonegan indicated that the organization has officially been taken over by an authoritarian “moderate” wing of the party. The letter relays that the BCRO chairman announced at least week’s meeting that organization will suspend the rules, not hold a county convention, and deny committee member’s their right to endorse of the candidates of their choice – and instead the chairman will "give" the endorsement to the "moderate" of his choice.

Excerpt of Steve Lonegan letter to BCRO members:

Fellow Republicans,

We have them on the run.  The so-called "moderates" of the GOP's Whitman-wing who run the Bergen County Republican Organization (BCRO) have shown us how weak they really are.

It's now official.  The BCRO has suspended their own rules, suspended the process of endorsing a candidate, and instead of a county convention the BCRO chairman will "give" the endorsement to the "moderate" of his choice.

The BCRO chairman is a figure from the Whitman-era who presided over the loss of Republican control in the Legislature nearly two decades ago and then came back to preside over the demise of the BCRO last year.  Now he wants to ensure that Nancy Pelosi is the next Speaker by putting together a ticket that will tank in November.

It is the first time in memory that a BCRO chairman has played the authoritarian and taken away from the members of the Republican county committee, the right to choose which candidates they will endorse.  The BCRO chairman has done this because he knows that his candidate for Congress, John McCann, doesn't have the support to win a county convention.

The BCRO chairman has taken away the county committee's rights because he knows that its members don't want McCann -- the consigliore of the elected Democrat who is responsible for losing Republican control in Bergen County, Sheriff Michael Saudino.  And the members know that McCann began his campaign for Congress while on the payroll of this Democrat.


Steve Lonegan for Congress