Lonegan: Dems Must Disown Murphy's Extremism

Lonegan: Dems Must Disown Murphy's Extremism

Murphy's 'Cesar Chavez Vision' of a Sanctuary State, Higher Taxes, and Forced Consolidation will result in a Millionaire-Free-Zone

Conservative republican Steve Lonegan -- also a candidate for Congress in New Jersey's fifth district -- has called on Democrats running in down-ballot races to disavow Phil Murphy's 'Cesar Chavez vision' to make New Jersey a sanctuary state, raise taxes, and force consolidation of school districts.

"Phil Murphy's extremist vision for New Jersey is a threat to every town, village, and borough in New Jersey," Lonegan said.  "If Murphy gets his way, New Jersey will become a millionaire-free-zone resulting in an economic death spiral for the state."

Murphy first leveled his threat to make New Jersey a sanctuary state a week ago during his first debate with Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno but he doubled down on it during their second debate last night, citing radical community organizer Cesar Chavez as one of his heroes.

"Across America, sanctuary cities have become hosts of gang activity, crime, over-burdened schools, and sources of economic hardship for American citizens," Lonegan said.  "This is Phil Murphy's plan for our entire state, yet not one candidate running with Phil Murphy has had the courage to stand-up and say, 'Wait a minute, Phil; you're making promises we're going to have to pay for.'"

Lonegan said that towns, counties, and school boards will be saddled with expenses that Murphy hasn't even contemplated and which they simply can't afford.  

"A 'sanctuary state' will mean a huge influx of people relying on the welfare state and consequently driving-up the costs of medicaid, our court system, our schools, and more," Lonegan said.  "Phil Murphy hasn't accounted for any of that in his $1.3 billion tax hike."

According to Lonegan, mayors, councilmen, school board members, and freeholders will be forced to levy new taxes, delay capital investments, lay-off staff, and raise property taxes to keep up with the costs of Murphy's plans.

"These hidden Murphy taxes might not be signed into law by Murphy, but they will arise directly from his Cesar Chavez-inspired vision," Lonegan said.  "Murphy will leave local elected officials paying a hefty political price for the implementation of his left-wing utopian dream unless they speak up," Lonegan said.

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