Media Appearances

Steve Lonegan Fox Business April 5, 2018

Steve Lonegan discusses the spending bill and what the President can do, via line items, to limit spending and maintain fiscal responsibility.

Outnumbered Overtime With Steve Lonegan April 4 2018

The Democrats are running far to the left, backed by the likes of George Soros, while Republicans run on their platform, which is more reflective of what real Americans believe and want.

Steve Lonegan America Talks Live, Newsmax, March 30 2018

Steve offers his vision for what needs to happen to ensure veterans get the care they deserve.

Steve Lonegan on CNN International Jan 26 2018

Steve Lonegan on a political panel discussing the Meuller investigation and immigration.

Steve Lonegan on Varney & Company January 23, 2018

Steve appears on Varney & Company and explains how the middle class in New Jersey will benefit from the Trump tax cuts.

Introducing Steve Forbes at the Capitalism is Freedom Awards

Steve Lonegan at the Capitalism is Freedom Awards explains his commitments to a free market.

Steve Lonegan for Congress