The Murphy-Gottheimer Tax And Spend Scheme In Higher Education

Once again, when real solutions are needed, Governor Phil Murphy, and his "ally" Gottheimer offer no solutions!

In Bloomberg Reports Elise Young writes: “Governor Phil Murphy’s $50 million pitch for free community college excludes most New Jersey households in favor of the poorest students, the majority of whom already receive government aid.

“His spending proposal offers little relief to those attending four-year schools in a state with the nation’s fourth-priciest public-university system. The increasing cost of such schools has helped drive the U.S. student-debt pile higher than that for credit cards, automobiles or home equity, and a rising default rate echoes the mortgage binge that caused 2008’s housing meltdown.”

Yet another Murphey-Gottheimer scheme to placate and pander without solving real problems. The students who pay their way continue to see costs rise, and quality fall, and the Democrats’ only “solution” is to spend MORE MONEY padding bloated incomes of the colleges at the expense of students and taxpayers.

As the State Treasurer asks for MORE TAXES to cover a $180 million dollar deficit, Murphey is out there finding new schemes to dump money into, and thereby increase that deficit. Who gets paid? Well, mostly, the education establishment. SOME poor people might be helped, but the resulting impact on tuitions would mean fewer students who aren’t favored by this scheme will pay more.

A real solution is to look at how education dollars are spent and how pensions are managed. This Murphy-Gottheimer approach uses the excuse of “helping the poor” to add more tax dollars to a failing education system that is as politically biased as it is incompetent in terms of providing an actual education.


Steve Lonegan for Congress